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Recalibration Services in Duncan and Lawton, OK

Shane Burk Auto Glass has a team of ADAS trained and certified technicians that will recalibrate the safety systems on your vehicle. We can recalibrate all makes and models to meet factory(OEM) specifications.*

*excludes TESLA

What is ADAS?

ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, encompasses a range of technologies designed to enhance vehicle safety and improve driving experience. These systems employ sensors, cameras, and radar to assist drivers in tasks such as lane-keeping, collision avoidance, and adaptive cruise control, ultimately paving the way towards autonomous driving capabilities.

Why is ADAS calibration important?

Calibrating ADAS is crucial to ensure accurate performance of safety systems. Proper calibration guarantees that sensors and cameras function optimally, maintaining the effectiveness of features like lane-keeping assist and collision avoidance, thus enhancing overall driving safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

A diagram showing ranges of various ADAS
Shane Burk Auto Glass provides recalibration services for your vehicle's ADAS in Duncan and Lawton

Ensure your safety while on the road

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Replacement and recalibration for windshields and ADAS

We are your all-in-one solution the next time you need your broken windshield replaced.

Shane Burk Auto Glass is a fully equipped auto glass shop that can calibrate your ADAS after we replace your windshield. Not all auto glass shops in Southwest Oklahoma can boast this claim. We use the AUTEL ADAS and we only install windshields that are guaranteed to work and are known to not cause issues with recalibration.

Windshield technicians installing a new windshield - An example of a collision detection ADAS screen